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Wallace McGregor Estate Private Firearms Auction

Wallace McGregor Estate Private Firearms Auction

We are pleased to be able to assist the McGregor family on the private auction for the sale of firearms owned by the late Wallace "Wally" McGregor. This auction is only visible to those family members who have been given the link.  If you go to our website, www.PLAbid.com, this auction is NOT visible to the public - you MUST have the website link to access the auction.  If you require bidding assistance or need help getting an account created, contact our office. 
Item Location:  Items are located at Jeanne Krome's residence in Mitchell, South Dakota.  Questions regarding details of each individual item are to be directed to Jeanne Krome or Russ McGregor.  Chisum Peterson, Peterson Land & Auction has not personally inspected any of the firearms on this auction.  The item descriptions and photos were provided to Peterson Land & Auction by Jeanne Krome. 

All items are linked and will close at the same time-all at once. If there is a bid on ANY item in the final 3 minutes, ALL items will reset for an additional 3 minutes.  This is referred to as "extended bidding".  Extended bidding continues each time ANY lot receives a bid in the final three minutes.  Waiting until the last seconds to bid is not necessary. The countdown timer continues to reset as long as bidding is taking place.  In this manner, you can go after your favorite items and if the price on the item ends up higher than you are willing to spend, you have the opportunity to move to - and bid on - your next favorite item and so on.  

You may also consider placing your MAX bid on your preferred items.  In this manner, the software bids on your behalf-only if necessary-up to your stated MAX bid price for that particular item.  

29 Arrowhead Pass, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301
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